Many races exist on Edar.  Below are listed some of the major races currently shaping events.

Dragonborn -

Decendents of Io, dragonborn were once the primary humanoid race that dominated Edar.  The Grey Death changed all that, killing an estimated three out of five dragonborn during that age. Now they still make up a large portion of the humanoid population but no longer make up the majority. Dragonborn strongly dislike if not hate tielfings for creating the Grey Death. They feel some vidication from the fact that something terrible happened to the tiefling homeworld. Some dragonborn also resent "non-native" races as well even though their ancestors were mostly likely slaves brought against their will.  Most though are indifferent to other humanoid races unless given a reason to sway them one way or another. Dwarves are respected for being allies in the past and prime trade partners.


Dwarves -

Originally enslaved by the titans and giants created by the Primordials, during the Dawn War they threw off their shackles and helped Io secure a victory on Edar.  While there has been some conflict between specific dwarf and dragon kingdoms lately, overall there is a strong feeling of mutual respect.  Most other races are polite to dwarves and have a wait and see attitude because during the Age of Survival the dwarves helped some people but did not make a large effort to do so which has caused some lingering resentment. There are no hard feelings between dwarves and tieflings, but then neither side suffered much from the other. 


Elves -

While some had ancestors who were brought as slaves by tieflings, most however are from the Feywild.  There was a large migration of eladrin from the Feywild during the Age of Survival, which some theorize was because the eladrin were in a civil war and that they were refugees. Whatever the case, when the barrier went up between the realms those eladrin on Edar became the elves of today. Generally the communities kept apart from other races until the Ogre War. Since then some elves are specificly tasked to stay abroad and on the lookout for external threats.


Half-Elves and Half-Orcs -

Both these "races" are actually common to see in human dominated lands. During the Age of Survival the former slaves that had newly won freedom had to rely on each other to survive, no matter the race.  Most humans at this point have some non-human ancestor but it is not very apparent due to the heritage being diluted. 


Humans -

Versatile and adaptable, humanity has established a strong presence in the world of Edar. Their young nations are regional powers but dare not stand against a dragonborn or dwarf kingdom without the support of another. They do flex their strength when they can, which dragonborn and dwarf kingdoms taking notice.


Halflings -

Few halflings were brought over by the tiefling merchant house as they make poor worker slaves. However they were favored as household servents and some of the more developed tiefling holdings during the Age of Plague had enough of a population so that they didn't die out. Their numbers have remained low despite the large families they cherish. Traditionally they wander about in wagons from town to town, families in tow. In recent history the population recieved an unexpected boost when other halfling families crashed landed on Edar along with the gnomes. While there was some initial awkwardness, halflings on both sides happily call one another "cousins" and intermingle freely.


Orcs -

Tribes of full-blooded orc are very uncommon, though not unheard of.  During the Age of Survival, orcs that had been slaves intermixed with humans for survival thus becoming half-orcs.  Those orcs who had been guards and soldiers to the tieflings are the ancestors to the full bloodied tribes on Edar today.  Since the tieflings favored strong and blood thirsty but not nessarily smart orcs as their guards, these tribes plague areas where they are found but remain an uncertain threat. A town may find themselves able to trade with one group of orcs and then raided by the next one. Orcs tend to view half-orcs as decendants of weaklings and tend to target them with particular vindictiveness.


Hobgoblins -

Hobgoblins were another race that was brought in as both slaves and guards. However unlike the orcs who ended up going different ways depending on whether they were a slave or not, the hobgoblins who were guards threw their lot in with the slaves. Their leaders saw an opportunity to loot and be their own masters. In the aftermath with hobgoblins being hobgoblins, they tried to establish themselves as the "new masters". This didn't work and so along with other brutal and greedy slaves were pushed to the desert regions.


Gnomes -

Heralding the end of the Age of Strife, the gnomes crashed landed a huge refugee/colony skyship in the north. From another world, they fled from a world consuming threat with their best and brightest. Talented and skilled individuals make up a large portion of their society, thus seeing an enterprising gnome out in the world while facinating is not unheard of.


Goliaths -

Because of close resemblance to stone giants even though their demenour was very different, the dwarf crusades during the Age of Merchants saw goliaths mistreated and enslaved. By the end of the Age of Strife this practice was falling to the wayside, but the Goliaths have not forgotten. They have a deep distrust of dwarves and some human settlements that engaged in the slave trade with the dwarves.


Shifters -

Not much is known about the the shifters.  They range in tribes within the forests and frequently clash with the elves, orcs, and beasts for mastery of that domain. 


Tielfings -

Dragonborn hate them and most other humanoids haven't forgotten that they ancestors were slave to tieflings originally. As a race tieflings survive and thrive even. Not all of their enclaves fell during the Age of Survival. Those few holds that managed to overcome the disaster became safe havens where tieflings rule and everyone else is a second class citizen at best.  

Warforged -

Two main sources of warforged exist in Edar.

Tieflings brought warforged from their home world as an elite guard. However they have lost the knowledge to produce them in the fall of their empire. With the arrival of the gnomes however they have been able to steal what knowledge they needed to start production again. Those warforged found abroad are the rare warforged that ran away for freedom or loyal to the tielfings and are on some secret mission.

When the gnome refugee ship crash on Edar, the survivors brough with them warforged for protection. A lot of warforged.  Since establishing themselves in Edar, they have allowed some of their military to be discharged and find their own way in the new world.  The gnome also know how to create more warforged as well, though they don't share with the otehr races.


Ogres -

During the Age of Uneasy Peace, through fate or chance, an ogre messiah arose. Preaching the belief that ogres have the potential to become more like true giants and titans, he united the ogres in his region by displaying elemental powers.  This ogre was later slain by heroes but the damage had been done.
An ogre kingdom now exists where goblin slaves do most of the work, normal ogres are slightly more civilized, and ogre lords wield elemental powers.  


Lizardmen -

Most lizardmen remain in tribes and claim few trapping of civilization. However with the decimation dragon kind took from the Grey Death, dragon rulers incorporated the lizardfolk into their kingdoms. Not being part dragon, they were immune to the dreaded disease and help keep those kingdoms running during the Age of Plague.  Since then they have become more or less established in dragon lands, though friction exists between dragonborn and lizardman.



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