Edar's history is divided up into Ages.  Each Age has a different theme according to the course of events during that time.

Age of Creation -

The Primordials begin creating creatures and places on the Prime Material Plane.  The Gods take an interest and get involved as well.  War for creation begins, is known as "The Dawn War". Edar is claimed by the dragon god Io before he dies.


Age of Dragons -

Io's children, dragons and dragonkin, rule over most of the land. As allies of Io during the Dawn War, dwarven kingdoms also exist in mountainous areas. Some servants of the Primordials still survive and hide in a few hidden strongholds. 


Age of Plague -

Invasion of Edar by another world dubbed "Koth'irlym".  True name of other world unknown. Known: Merchant houses of the tiefling empire Bael Turath discover Edar and decide to take make a "business investment". They open portals to bring forth clerks, slaves, and soldiers to establish mining, lumber, and plantation outposts. To take care of the "dragon infestation" the tieflings make use of death magic and guards specially trained as dragon hunters.
Dragon kind puts up a fierce fight but disunity limits their success at repulsing the invaders.  "The Grey Death" plague is created during this time which defines this age. Exceeding its creator's hopes, this wasting disease spreads rapidly and killed many dragons, dragonborn, and any beasts with draconic blood. It persists even to the modern age, though in small pockets.
The dwarves suffer only some losses to tiefling aggression. After losing the first few battles and conceding ground, the dwarf lords switch to a hit and run campaign on the mining outposts while staying down in the deep tunnels. Mining quickly becomes unprofitable to the merchant houses of Bael Turath to the point that all outposts are shut down within a year. Some contact continues between the two races by independant tiefling merchents who cut deals with the now victorious dwarves. They sell the dwarves empire goods and then buy metal ore which they smuggle back to make a profit.
This Age ends when an unknown tragedy befalls the Bael Turath empire, resulting in all portals to the home world being closed and sealed. Chaos from the last few days of portal activity and now cut off from support leaves the tiefling enclaves on Edar in disarray. The slaves revolt and many find freedom. Both former slaves and former slave masters however face starvation with limited supplies and resources.


Age of Survival -

Life for most non-dwarf humanoids is a day to day struggle. It is a battle against starvation, the enviroment, and each other. Hard choices are made to live just another day.
The Grey Death pops up from time to time to nearly wipe out dragonborn enclaves. Lizardfolk are incorporated into most dragon fiefdoms since they do not suffer from the disease. Friction developes between dragonborn and lizardfolk over status under their dragon patrons.
The former Bael Turath outposts now serve as struggling independent towns. Many fail and fall into ruin. Those that do survive this age become the seeds for cities and nations in the modern age.
Servants of the Primordials sense the opportunity before them and titans lead armies to lay claim as much as they can. The dwarves and now weakened dragon lords oppose them, keeping the elementals contained where they can.
The dwarf kingdoms undergo steady expansion during the Age. While it seems like the Dawn War has returned, the battles are mostly fought away from home. Advances are made in dwarf magic, trade, and weaponry thanks to a small community of tieflings that found refuge within the dwarf kingdom when the Age of Palgue came to an end.
While not much is known about it, a civil war in the Feywilde disrupts the connection between the dimensions. Some fey cities are stranded on Io and their citizenry are forced to adapt to their new home.  

Age of Merchants -

Life has stabilized more or less at this point. Communities generally have farms to support them and security of some sort. Trade which was small at the end of the last Age, grows to be prominant force during this one. Conflicts happen, but is mostly confined to skirmishes between humanoid city-states, brief brutal wars of dominace that see the dragon fiefdoms form into nations, and dwarven crusades against the titan and elemental territories.

This is the golden age for the dwarves. They have the largest stable societies and their goods are wanted by all others. A population boom also happens during this Age, leading to a bit of restlessness. However the more restive parts of their society are able to be channeled to lead outpost expeditions to claim more land or participate in the crusades.

Though this is an Age of prosperity for all others, the dragons of this Age are turned inward dealing with problems and conflicts amongst themselves. The animosity between dragonborn and lizardfolk has reached a boiling point and blood is being spilled on either side. While such problems would be dealt with easily from the dragon lords, the elder dragons are currently engaged in trying to dominate one another and the rest are focused on forming shifting alliances to gain power during this struggle.

The towns that survived the last Age are now each city-states with some townships under their control. Extra food and raw materials are traded to the dwarves for quality tools/weapons and luxury goods. Some skirmishes happen and some towns change hands, but outside threats or distance keeps the cities from waging all out war on one another.


Age of Strife –

Dragon lords who have been looking inward now turn their gazes outward. Plotting begins and agents are sent abroad.
Blood fued ignites among the ruling clans of the two biggest dwarven kingdoms. The mountain realms erupt into ugly warfare.
The city-states that are now young nations are either drawn into the dwarf war or use the distraction have their own small wars without interference.
The elvish cities that were stranded so long ago find themselves under assualt by babrbaric hordes lead by ogres wielding simple but savage elemental powers.
Servants of the Primordials are active once again, but instead of marching armies they use the current chaos to send out small bands that spread out into the realms like seeds on the wind.

 Age of the Fallen Star – Current Age

The wars of the past Age had ended or been locked into a stalemate. It looked like all was settled when a blazing star crossed the sky giving off strange powerful energy. Conflict renewed once again as everyone raced to claim the fallen star first. Except this wasn't a star but a gnome refugee/colony skyship from another world crash landing on Edar. A skyship that also had a rather large amount of warforged for protection.

It's now been ten years since the skyship crashed and the nations have mostly rebuilt since the Age of Strife. A new generation has come of age and restlessness has taken hold of many would be leaders and adventurers.


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